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Persian Gabbeh - Luribaft #10003113

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2' 7" x 9' 9"
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Handmade Persian Gabbeh - Luribaft

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In Farsi (the language of Persia), the word Gabbeh means something raw or natural, uncut or "in the rough". Gabbeh are the world's best-known coarsely woven Iranian tribal rugs. True Persian Gabbeh rugs are made by nomads in south-central Iran, and feature hand-spun wool in both the pile and the foundation, as well as all natural dyes. Simple, colorful geometric patterns, abstract scenery, child-like representations of people and animals, bright colors? more

**Luribaft** Gabbeh feature a fine weave and fairly short, soft pile. Unlike the other Gabbeh these typically have more sophisticated design elements inspired by other classic Persian rugs. As with the Kashkoli, the tightness of the weave and the quality of the wool gives these rich, beautiful rugs a sheen that you must see in person to believe.